Book Categories

This room is devoted to volumes of particular beauty, age or value, guarded by a beautiful door (which was conceived and painted for us by the Wexford artist Una Keeley). Below, you will find a VERY early first draft of a list of some of the first editions, illustrated albums, collectible editions of classic children’s books and other curiosa to be found here. Little of particular Irish interest has yet been added to this list, though it is probably our strongest suit.

If you are interested in any titles, please get in touch by phone or email for further details and descriptions. As I do not update this page very frequently, some of these books may already have been sold, and prices may have gone up or down. As we say, many other titles and subjects are in stock, so if you are unable to come in person to the shop to see them, please get in touch for details of anything you may be searching for.