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During the last two centuries, much of Ireland’s archaeology was carried out on an amateur basis, often by priests and country clergymen. Here, a group of divines look forward to the traditional picnic among the ruins.

Today, archaeology is a professional activity, but the layman retains a keen interest in the subject. Now that the metal detector has been banned, it is probably best to confine our excavations and explorations to the pages of books.

We aim to stock a good many general works on the subject, and would consider it a small failure if we don’t produce at least one or two books on the branch of the subject that interests you.

You will also unearth a leavening of entertaining books from the wilder shores of archaeology, a genre that began with figures such as the extraordinary Charles Vallency and his fanciful Ancient History of Ireland. After the publication of Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln’s The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, the trickle of speculation became a flood …

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