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Biography (General)

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The art of Biography

Is different from Geography.

Geography is about maps,

But Biography is about chaps.

       – Eric Clerihew Bentley

The clerihew above (the verse form was named after its inventor) is hopelessly out of date now – geography of course covers far more than just maps. (And occasionally biographies of chapesses are published too!)

What has certainly not gone out of date is our interest in the lives of other people. Fascinating biographies continue to appear regularly, even though currently the non-fiction bestseller lists are rather tediously dominated by memoirs about or by media stars.

While we DO stock books like this, they can be found elsewhere in the shop (in the Cinema, Sport or Music sections, for example.) The last fifty years or so was the golden age of biography, and the bulging shelves in this section contain hundreds of brilliant accounts of our fellow men and women of all sorts, famous, infamous and obscure: there are good books dealing with the lives of politicians, poets and publishers, of priests, paupers, publicans and press barons. And that is only the letter ‘P’.

Naturally, although we try to keep in stock a book – or even two – about anyone you might possibly want to read about, it is a hopelessly Quixotic ambition. Still, we think that you may be surprised at how often we can come up with a well written book that will answer your needs. Make sure to tell us what you are looking for, though, for the right biography might very well be hiding away elsewhere  – one on Picasso in the Art section, for instance, another on General Patton in the War and Military one…

Just to make everything even more complicated, we have an entirely separate section for Irish Biography.

Phone or email to inquire about, reserve or order any titles.