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Classical Studies

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This category combines Greek and Latin texts (usually in translation) with histories and background reading. Thus, you may eavesdrop on Messrs Homer and Herodotus conversing with Messrs Pliny and Pausanius in this area, and nearby you should find Latin Dictionaries and Greek Lexicons to help you to understand them.

This is also where you should look if you want to learn something about, for instance, Roman infantry equipment or the intricacies of Ancient Greek dance, and there are many books on the shelves that paint vivid pictures of life in these strange proto-democracies. (Greek and Roman plays are here too – though novels depicting the times quite properly confine themselves to the General Fiction section.)

From time to time you will also come across biographies of notable figures from the two empires – such as Christine Longford’s quite scarce 1928 book on Vespasian, currently in stock (E20).

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