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Fiction (Ireland)

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There are generally about 20 shelves of fiction from Ireland in stock (each shelf bearing about 50 books). Among them you will find books written by over 400 authors. These range from early Irish novelists (Jonathan Swift, Maria Edgeworth et al.) to very recent ones – Sebastian Barry, John Banville, Claire Keegan …

We particularly enjoy uniting our customers with some of the obscurer, more neglected figures from the literary past, and you will find many titles in stock by writers such as Annie P Smithson, George A Birmingham and Donn Byrne.

Whose work do we sell best? Hard to say – but perhaps books by Jennifer Johnston, John B Keane and Brian Moore are the quickest to disappear from the shelves.

Other Irish writers usually stocked include (randomly) Maurice Walsh, John D Sheridan, Patrick McGinley, George Moore and of course Flann O’Brien.

There are also many collections of Irish short stories, both by individual authors and by a selection of them.

James Joyce boasts a section all of his own – as do books written in the Irish language.

Phone or email to inquire about, reserve or order any titles.

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