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History (General)

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This section includes non-Irish history only, from the dark ages up to the twentieth century. (Anything before then may be found under Archaeology or Classics; anything after under Travel.)

Naturally, our nearest neighbour, Britain, and its late lamented empire, is well represented, and there are many volumes here about social history, as well as more focussed books about various political eras, including biographies of politicians and memoirs by them, particularly after 1960.

The other shelves in the section are divided by country, arranged in a roughly easterly direction, from France around the world to the USA, so that you will find material on, say, the Spanish Armada cheek by jowl with books on General Franco. (Always remember that you may also find lives of politicians in the Biography section too.)

This category also has a shelf on historiography and the philosophy of history, though books about wars and conflicts have their own category.


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