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History (Ireland)

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Ireland’s long and many-faceted history can be approached in very many ways, and every generation sees the past in a slightly – or, sometimes, a radically – different way. It is therefore particularly intriguing to find a collection of history books that comes from widely varying eras. Our aim is to offer a spread of books that will help the reader not only to understand what happened in, say, 1798, but also to learn what writers in 1898 believed about what happened then.

Possibly my point might be made a little more clearly. At Zozimus Bookshop we stock lots and lots of Irish history books. Some of them were were written almost in the thick of battle, but some of them long afterwards.

We have, for example, many books looking back at the ‘Troubles’ in Ulster, but you will also find contemporary items – pamphlets and the like – produced by participants. And we are always pleased when we find books that look at the part played by the Irish in ‘foreign’ wars, including WW1 and WW2.

Realistically, however, you should come and browse the shelves.

Phone or email to inquire about, reserve or order any titles.

(Hector McDonnell’s drawing, above, incidentally, depicts Charles Stuart Parnell during his short and somewhat luxurious stay in Kilmainham Gaol in 1881.)