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History (Local)

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Local History is an increasingly popular area of study in Ireland, as the success of the recently founded North Wexford Historical Society has made evident to those of us who live here. With larger numbers of people being involved in genealogy, too, over the last few decades there has been an explosion of publications, modest and not so modest, which deal with quite limited areas in our country’s history. Usually these make, like mushrooms, a very brief appearance, before they are snapped up and gone, and once they have disappeared, it can be extremely hard to find them again.

At Zozimus Bookshop, we make a point of pouncing on any ‘local’ books that we find, from whatever part of the country they come from, and we try always to have a good number of them in stock. Whether we can supply the particular one you are seeking will always be a matter of luck, but we are more than happy to search for whatever you are after, and to let you know when (and if) we succeed.

Phone or email to inquire about, reserve or order any titles.