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Humour and Cartoons

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Every year in December, new bookshops are flooded with books purporting to be funny, issued for the Christmas market. Probably under 10% of these have very much merit. But whether they are any good or not, within a year or two almost all of them tend to be forgotten, consigned to spare bedrooms or damp bathroom shelves.

A good second-hand bookshop, however, is able to present a selection of the best of the world’s ‘funny’ books, selected from the last 100 years or so. Be prepared for all sorts of bizarre publications here, offering curious and oblique insights into the comedy of life. You may find essayists such as Stephen Leacock or S J Perelman, Alan Coren and other farceurs from Punch, columnists like Beachcomber, Ross O’Carroll Kelly, and Donal Foley, and of course the great all-rounder, James Thurber.

A number of great cartoonists live here too, with, on one side of the street, Osbert Lancaster and Posy Simmonds and on the far side, Gary Larson, Martyn Turner and (dare I say?) Viz.

You will however NOT find comic novels in this section: if you want to read P G Wodehouse’s books, or Tom Sharpe’s, or Flann O’Brien’s, or the side-splitting stories of Damon Runyon, they reside elsewhere, among more po-faced fictioneers.

And if you are desperately seeking something witty to say at a wedding or a funeral , we can also offer you books of jokes on various themes.


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