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The Body

Body pic

Some bookshops have a ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ section: we have all three!

As you can see (above), ‘The Body’ includes massage – and of course Yoga, Shiatzu, and just simply exercise in general. But the human body, sadly, sometimes goes wrong, and so here we keep also our medical books. These may be conventional ones (anatomy textbooks, guides to dealing with osteoporosis, blood pressure etc) or not (homeopathy, Chinese medicine, aromatherapy …)

This section also embraces Babies (as it were), and so all the standard Child Care manuals are usually to be found, as well as books of candidate Christian names, and ones offering invaluable advice on, for instance, how to make your little ones fall sleep without fuss.

When they have finally done so, you may like to try a little more massage …

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