Behind the Door

This room is devoted to volumes of particular beauty, age or value, guarded by a beautiful door (which was conceived and painted for us by the Wexford artist Una Keeley). Below, you will find a VERY early first draft of a list of some of the first editions, illustrated albums, collectible editions of classic children’s books and other curiosa to be found here. Little of particular Irish interest has yet been added to this list, though it is probably our strongest suit.  If you are interested in any titles, please get in touch by phone or email for further details and descriptions. As I do not update this page very frequently, some of these books may already have been sold, and prices may have gone up or down. As we say, many other titles and subjects are in stock, so if you are unable to come in person to the shop to see them, please get in touch for details of anything you may be searching for.


Arranged for now only in very loose alphabetical groups – a good deal of peering may be needed!

The Devil’s Paintbrush. Jake Arnott. Great Britain, Sceptre, 2009. Uncorrected proof, pre-first edition. (20€)

After a Funeral. Diana Athill. London, Jonathan Cape, 1986. Uncorrected proof. (25€)

Winter Journal. Paul Auster. London, Faber and Faber Ltd, 2012. Signed. (35€)

The Folks that Live on the Hill. Kingsley Amis. Copy 147 of 500 limited editions. Hutchinson, 1990. Uncorrected proof. (20€)

Stanley and the Women. Kingsley Amis. Hutchinson, 1984. Uncorrected proof. (20€)

I Lost My Girlish Laughter. Jane Allen. London, Faber and Faber Limited, 1938. First English edition, scarce. (45€)

Brick Lane. Monica Ali. Doubleday, 2003. (50€)

Helliconia Summer. Brian W. Aldiss. London, Jonathan Cape, 1983. (30€)

Protobiography. William Boyd. Copy 33 of 100 cloth bound, signed limited edition. London, Bridgewater Press, 1998. (175€)

Dogwalker. Arthur Bradford. Hamish Hamilton, Penguin Group, 2001. Uncorrected proof. (20€)

The Spider’s House. Paul Bowles. Santa Barbara, Black Sparrow Press, 1982. Signed with dedication to Vlick O’Connor. (50€)

A Private Function. Alan Bennett. London, Faber and Faber Limited, 1984. First edition, proof, scarce. (20€)

So the Wind Won’t Blow it All Away. Richard Brautigan. London, Jonathan Cape, 1983. Uncorrected proof. (50€)

Jericho. Dirk Bogarde. Viking, Penguin Group, 1992. Proof copy, signed. (20€)

Traveller, if you come to Spa. Heinrich Boil. Translated by Mervyn Savill. London, Arco Publishers Limited, 1956. (200€)

The Clown. Heinrich Boil. Translated from the German by Leila Vennewitz. London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1965. First UK edition. (40€)

Mammon and Co. E.F. Benson. London, William Heinrmann, 1900. First edition, third impression. (50€)

Up and Down. E.F. Benson. Third edition. London, Hutchinson & Co. 1918. (45€)

The Luck of The Vails. E.F. Benson. London, William Heinemann, 1901. (40€)

Mrs. Ames. E.F. Benson. London, Hodder and Stoughton, first edition. First edition. (30€)

Limitations. E.F. Benson. Ward, Lock & Co., Limited. ND. (35€)

Scarlet and Hyssop. E.F. Benson. London, William Heinemann, 1902. (40€)

The Worlds with The Activists Papers. Edward Bond. London, Eyre Methuen, 1980. First edition. (50€)

Family and Friends. Anita Brookner. Copy 129 of 250 specially bound, signed first editions. London, Jonathan Cape, 1985. London Limited Editions. (50€)

The Regeneration Trilogy. Pat Barker. Viking, Penguin Group, 1995. Scarce. (80€)

Lost Diaries. Maurice Baring. London, Duckworth & Co. 1913. (40€)

Master Georgie. Beryl Bainbridge. London, Duckworth, 1998. Uncorrected proof. (20€)

The Mezzanine. Nicholson Baker. Cambridge, Granta Books, 1989. (30€)

Crown Gems of France. The Nabob. W. Blaydes. Edited by Edmund Gosse. Translated from the French by Alphonse Daudet. Critical introduction by Prof. William P. Trent. New York, The Werner Co. 1902. Scarce. (50€)

The Hidden Power. Fanny Elizabeth Bunnett. London, Seeley Jackson and Halliday. 1858. Second edition. (40€)

Pelham: Or the Adventures of a Gentleman. Edward Lytton Bulwer. London, Henry Colburn, 1835. 2 vols in 1, including ‘Mortimer’. (30€)

A Private View. Anita Brookner. London, Jonathan Cape, 1994. Uncorrected proof. (12€)

Latecomers. Anita Brookner. London, Jonathan Cape, 1988. Uncorrected proof. (50€)

The Virgin in the Garden. A.S. Byatt. London, Chatto & Windus, 1978. (50€)

The Morality of Things. A Talk by Bruce Chatwin. Foreword by John Wyse Jackson. Frontispiece by Jocelynn Hallen. Limited edition. Typographeum, 1993. (175€)

The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole. Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo). Foreword by W.H. Auden. London, Cassell & Co. Ltd. 1953. (35€)

Penang Appointment. Norman Collins. London, Collins, 1961. (50€)

The Author of Trixie. William Caine. London, Henry Jenkins Limited. 1926. (40€)

G.K.C. As M.C. A Collection of Thirty-Seven Introductions. G.K. Chesterton. London, Methuen & Co. Ltd. 1929. (80€)

Crowds and Power. Elias Canetti. Translated from the German by Carol Stewart. London, Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1962. (80€)

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Michael Chabon. London, Hodder and Stoughton Editorial, 1988. First edition (25€)

The Dud Avocado. Elaine Dundy. London, Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1958. First edition, third impression. (45€)

The Stain. Rikki Ducornet. London, Chatto & Windus, 1984. First edition proof. (20€)

U.S.A. John Dos Passos. London, John Lehmann. 1950. First edition of the trilogy. (30€)

New Dostoevsky Letters. Translated by S.S. Koteliansky. London, The Mandrake Press, ND. (35€)

Siren Land. Norman Douglas. London, Martin Secker, 1923. (180€)

Chance. A Tale in Two Parts. Joseph Conrad. London, Meuthen & Co. 1913. First edition, second state, ex library. (20€)

Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories. Roald Dahl. London, Jonathan Cape, 1983. Uncorrected proof. (50€)

All About H Hatterr. G.V. Desani. London, The Saturn Press, 1949. First revised edition(20€)

In Chains. Joseph Delmont. Translated by Huntley Paterson. London, Hutchinson & Co. 1929. First edition, very scarce. (50€)

Blind Faith. Ben Elton. Great Britain, Bantam Press, 2007. Signed, first edition. (25€)

The Cocktail Party. T.S. Eliot. London, Faber & Faber Ltd. 1950. First edition. (25€)

Deep River. Shusaku Endo. Translated from the Japanese by Van C. Gessel. London, Peter Owen. 1994. First UK edition. (30€)

Wormholes. John Fowles. London, Jonathan Cape. 1998. First edition proof copy. (25€)

Look Twice. John Fuller. London, Chatto & Windus, 1991. (20€)

Constancia and Other Stories for Virgins. Carlos Fuentes. Translated by Thomas Christensen. New York, Farrar Straus Giroux, 1990.  First edition proof copy. (50€)

Constructions. Michael Frayn. London, Wildwood House, 1974. First edition, no dustjacket. (30€)

The Corrections. Jonathan Franzen. London, Fourth Estate, 2002. First edition. (20€)

The Means of Escape. Penelope Fitzgerald. London, Flamingo, 2000. Very scarce proof copy. (20€)

Chinese Puzzle. Rumer Godden. London, Peter Davies. 1936. (35€)

The Unclassed. Three volumes in one. George Gissing. London, Chapman and Hall. 1884. First edition. (300€)

Lord Bellinger an Autobiography. Introduction by Harry Graham. London, Mills & Boon, Limited. ND. (50€)

To the Ends of the Earth. A Sea Trilogy. William Golding. London, Faber and Faber. 1991. (35€)

Lanark: A Life in Four Books. Alasdair Gray. Edinburgh, Canongate Publishing, 1985. (200€)

1982 Janine. Alasdair Gray. London, Jonathan Cape, 1984. Uncorrected proof copy. (50€)

1982 Janine. Alasdair Gray. London, Jonathan Cape, 1984. (30€)

Something Leather. Alasdair Gray. London, Jonathan Cape, 1990. Uncorrected proof copy. (18€)

McGrotty and Ludmilla. Alasdair Gray. Glasgow, Dog and Bone, 1990. (20€)

Showing the Flag and Other Stories. Jane Gardam. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1989. First edition proof copy. (20€)

Fruits of the Earth. Andre Gide. London, Secker & Warbug, 1949. (25€)

The Paradox Club. Edward Garnett. London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1888. First edition. (100€)

The Killing Joke. Anthony Horowitz. London, Orion Publishing Group. 2004. First edition uncorrected proof copy. (20€)

Difficulties of a Bridegroom. Ted Hughes. London, Faber & Faber. 1995. Uncorrected proof copy. (70€)

Mr. Stimpson and Mr. Gorse. Patrick Hamilton. London, Constable. 1953. First edition. (40€)

The Sun Also Rises. Ernest Hemingway. New York, Charles Scibner’s Sons, 1927. Early edition of 1926 novel. (100€)

Powder and Patch. Georgette Heyer. London, William Heinemann Ltd, 1938. (65€)

The Prisoner of Zenda. Anthony Hope. Bristol, Arrowsmith, ND. (100€)

Against the Grain (A Rebours). J.K. Huysmans. Translated by John Howard. New York, Albert & Charles Boni 1926. Uncommon. (25€)

The Unconsoled. Kazuo Ishiguro. London, Faber & Faber Limited 1995. Uncorrrected proof. (80€)

A Backward Place. R. Prawer Jhabvala. London, John Murray. 1965. First edition. (20€)

A Stronger Climate. R. Prawer Jhabvala. London, John Murray. 1968. First edition proof copy. (16€)

An Experience of India. R. Prawer Jhabvala. London, John Murray. 1971. First edition. (20€)

Caesar Antichrist. Alfred Jarry. Translated by Anthony Melville. London, Atlas Press. 1994. First edition. (30€)

The Blue Bedspread. Raj Kamal Jha. London, Picador. 1999. Uncorrected proof  15e

Heat & Dust. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. London, John Murray. 1975. First edition. (30€)

Christine Malry’s Own Double-Entry. B.S. Johnson. Great Britain, A New Directions Book 1973. First edition. (40€)

Aren’t You Rather Young to be Writing your Memoirs? B.S. Johnson. London, Hutchinson. 1973. First edition. (25€)

Trawl. B.S. Johnson. Great Britain, Panther. 1968. First paperback edition. (20€)

The Dharma Bums. Jack Kerouac. London, Pan Books Ltd. 1962. (25€)

Traffics and Discoveries. Rudyard Kipling. London, Macmillan & Co. 1904. (40€)

The Impressionist. Hari Kunzru. London, Hamish Hamilton. 2002. First edition proof copy. (20€)

The Quatermass Experiment. Nigel Kneale. Great Britain, Penguin Books. 1959. First edition. (20€)

The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire. Doris Lessing. London, Jonathan Cape. 1983. First edition proof. (20€)

The Photograph. Penelope Lively. Viking, Penguin Books. 2003. First edition proof. (25€)

The Time of the Hero. Mario Vargas Llosa. Translated by Lysander Kemp. Great Britain, Grove Press, Inc. 1967. First UK edition of his first novel. (50€)

Spider. Patrick McGrath. Viking, Anthony Rowe Ltd. First edition proof copy. (20€)

Martha Peake. A Novel of the Revolution. Patrick McGrath. Viking, Penguin Group. 2000. First edition proof copy. (20€)

Enduring Love. Ian McEwan. London, Jonathan Cape. 1997. First edition proof copy. (20€)

Growing Up. Olivia Manning. William Heinemann Ltd. 1948. Title story a fictionalised account of authors affair with Hamish Miles. Scarce. (30€)

Asylum. Patrick McGrath. Viking, Penguin Group. 1996. First edition proof. (20€)

So Many Ways to Begin. Jon McGregor. London, Bloomsbury. 2006. First edition proof copy. (25€)

The Stories of Bernard Malamud. Bernard Malamud. London, Chatto & Windus. 1984. First edition proofcopy. (30€)

Vacant Possession. Hilary Mantel. London, Chatto & Windus. 1986. Exceptionally scarce. (250€)

Innocent Erendira. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Translated from the Spanish by Gregory Rabassa. London, Jonathan Cape. 1979. (60€)

A Place of Greater Safety. Hilary Mantel. Viking, Penguin Group. 1992. First edition proof copy. (35€)

After the Quake. Haruki Murakami. Translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin. London, The Harvill Press. 2002. (70€)

The Pale Companion. Andrew Motion. Viking, Penguin Group. 1989. First edition proof copy. (15€)

Famous for the Creatures. Andrew Motion. Viking, Penguin Group. 1991. First edition proof copy. (20€)

Paradise. Toni Morrison. Lonson, Chatto & Windus. 1998. First edition proof copy. (20€)

Mother London. Michael Moorcock. London, Secker & Warburg. 1988. First edition uncorrected proof copy. (25€)

Brownout on Breadfruit Boulevard. Timothy Mo. London, Paddleless Press, 1995. First edition advance copy. (25€)

Famous for the Creatures. Andrew Motion. Viking, Penguin Group. 1991. First edition uncorrected proof copy. (25€)

Such a Long Journey. Rohinton Mistry. London, Boston, Faber & Faber. 1991. First edition second impression. (10€)

Sour Sweet. Timothy Mo. London, Andre Deutsch Limited. 1982. (400€)

A Green Equinox. Elizabeth Mavor. London, Wildwood House. 1973. Scarce. (100€)

Love in the Time of Cholera. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman. London, Jonathan Cape. 1988. First edition. (18€)

I Lived with you Party Symphony in Two Flats. Ivor Novello. Introduction by Edward Marsh. London, Methuen & Co. Ltd. 1932. (50€)

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight. Vladimir Nabokov. London,  Editions Poetry London. 1945. True first edition. (40€)

Half a Life. V.S. Naipaul. London, Picador, 2001. First edition uncorrected proof copy. (16€)

Half a Life. V.S. Naipaul. London, Picador, 2001. Signed Limited edition, no 6 of 100.  Signed, first edition uncorrected proof copy. Copy 6 of 100 limited edition. (100€)

India: A Million Mutinies Now. V.S. Naipaul. London, Heinemann. 1990. Uncorrected proof copy. (50€)

A Way in the World. V.S. Naipaul. London, Heinemann. 1994. (50€)

Nineteen Eighty Four. George Orwell. Introduction by Bernard Crick. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1984. (40€)

On the Edge of the Cliff. V.S. Pritchett. London, Chatto & Windus. 1980. First edition advanced proof copy. (35€)

The Dwarfs. Harold Pinter. London, Faber & Faber Limited. 1990. First edition proof copy. (30€)

The Museum of Innocence. Orhan Pamuk. Translated from the Turkish by Maureen Freely. London, Faber & Faber. 2008. First edition. (20€)

Boy in Darkness. Mervyn Peake. London, Hodder Children’s Books. 1996. (40€)

Fury. Salman Rushdie. London, Jonathan Cape. 2001. Uncorrected proof copy. (35€)

The Moor’s Last Sigh. Salman Rushdie. London, Jonathan Cape. 1995. Uncorrected proof copy. Copy 277 in a limited edition of 1000. (40€)

Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Salman Rushdie. Chippenham, Anthony Rowe Ltd. 1990. Proof copy including Granta letter. (25€)

East West. Salman Rushdie. London, Jonathan Cape. 1994. Signed, first edition. (25€)

Imaginary Homelands. Salman Rushdie. London, Granta Books. 1991. Uncorrected proof. (20€)

The Alexander Trilogy. Mary Renault. Penguin Books, 1984. (25€)

Shakespeare Stories. Salman Rushdie and others. Edited and introduced by Giles Gordon. Illustrated by Robin Jacques. London, Hamish Hamilton 1982. (12€)

The Light of Day. Graham Swift. London, Hamish Hamilton. 2003. First edition, proof copy. (15€)

Rushdie’s Insult. John Michell. Radical Traditionalist Papers No 7/ Blasphemy No. 2. London, published by author. 1989. (40€)

The Anatomy Lesson. Philip Roth. London, Jonathan Cape. 1984. Uncorrected proof copy. (25€)

Zuckerman Unbound. Philip Roth. London, Jonathan Cape. 1981. First edition proof. (25€)

Shop Talk. Philip Roth. London, Jonathan Cape. 2001. First edition proof. (25€)

Wide Sargasso Sea. Jean Rhys. London, Andre Deutsch Limited. 1974. First edition, 4th impression. (25€)

The Exploits of Engelbrecht. Abstracted from the Chronicles of the Surrealist Sportsman’s Club. Maurice Richardson. Illustrated by James Boswell. London, Phoenix House Limited. 1950. First edition. (40€)

Carrying the Elephant. A Memoir of Love and Loss. Michael Rosen. Penguin Books 2002. Uncorrected proof copy.  (250€)

The Master of Ballantrae. A Winter’s Tale. Robert Louis Stevenson. London, Paris & Melbourne, Cassell & Company Limited. 1891. (35€)

Vertigo. W.G. Sebald. Translated from the German by Michael Hulse. London, Harvill Press.1999. (125€)

On the Natural History of Destruction. W.G. Sebald. Translated from the German by Anthea Bell. Great Britain, Hamish Hamilton, 2003. First edition. (25€)

The Diary of a Good Neighbour. Jane Somers. London, Michael Joseph 1983. (30€)

Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead. Tom Stoppard. London, Faber and Faber, 1967. First edition proof. Includes card. (45€)

The Pigeon. Patrick Suskind. Translated by John E. Woods. London, Hamish Hamilton. 1988. Uncorrected proof, first edition. (15€)

The Works of Tobias Smollett. David Herbert. Edinburgh, William P. Nimmo. 1873. (25€)

The Vision of Elena Silves. Nicholas Shakespeare. London, Collins Harvill. 1989. First edition. (18€)

The Coast of Utopia part I-III. London, Faber and Faber 2002. First edition, 3 vol set. (650€)

A Suitable Boy. Vikram Seth. London, Phenix House. 1993. First edition, mint condition. (35€)

The Stone Dairies. Carol Shields. London, Fourth Estate. 1993. World First Edition. (120€)

The Secret History. Donna Tartt. Viking. Simultaneous Publication. 1992. Uncorrected proof copy. (40€)

The Woman’s Place. Guy Trent. London, New York, Melbourne. Hutchinson & Co. Ltd. ND. Scarce. (50€)

Phineas Finn. Anthony Trollope. London, Ward, Lock & Co., Warwick House. ND. (20€)

Horse’s Neck. Pete Townshend. London, Faber and Faber. 1986. (20€)

The Kreutzer Sonata. Count Tolstoy. Revised translation by Ivan Lepinski. London, Greening & Co,. Ltd. 1911. This copy belonged to Robert Erskine – children’s author of Riddle of the Sands. (50€)

The History of Pendennis. Vol I AND II. W. M. Thackeray. London, Bradbury & Evans. 1850. First edition in book form. (500€)

My Sweet Orange Tree. Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos. Translated from the Portuguese by Edgar H. Miller, Jr. Illustrated by Frank Bozzo. London, Michael Joseph. 1971. Scarce. (60€)

Novels of Yen-Ching. Daniele Vare. London. Methuen & Co. Ltd. 1954. First edition. (45€)

Lighthousekeeping.  Jeanette Winterson. London, Fourth Estate. 2004. Signed, first edition. (25€)

A Visitor’s Guide to Edinburgh. Irvine Welsh and Kevin Williamson. Edinburgh, Rebel Inc. Publications 1993. First edition. (200€)

Marabou Stork Nightmares. Irvine Welsh. London, Jonathan Cape. 1995. First edition proof copy. (25€)

A Cool Million. Nathanael West. London, Neville Spearman. 1954. First edition. (25€)

Voss. Patrick White. The Book Society Ltd. 1957. Sydney Nolan dustjacket. (50€)

A Haunted House. Viginia Woolf. London, The Hogarth Press. 1943. First edition. (22€)

Louder and Funnier. P.G. Wodehouse. London, Faber & Faber. 1932. (300€)

His Excellency. Emile Zola. London, Chatto & Windus. 1897. Very scarce. (400€)


Commentaries on the Laws of England.  Sir William Blackstone. Vol 2 of 4, 1825.  (50€)

A Compendium of the Law of Evidence. Thomas Peake. First edition. 1801. (100€)


Fragmenta Genealogica Vol. IV. Copy No. 35 of 50. Frederick Arthur Crisp. First edition. Signed. 1899. (45€)

Memoirs of the Life, Exile, and Conversations, of the Emperor Napoleon. The Count De Las Cases. Vol 1-4. (400€)

The Landowner’s and Agents Practical Guide. Thomas de Moleyns. Sixth Edition. (80€)

The Licensing Acts, 1872-1874. Morgan Butler Kavanagh and Albert W. Quill, Esqrs. 1875. (100€)

Crime and Punishment in Ireland. Paul O’Mahony. 1993. (40€)

A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire. John Bernard Burke. 13th edition. (100€)

Historical Manuscripts, Stuart Papers Vol VI. 1916. (40€)

Celebrated Trials Vol 1. 1825. (40€)

The Military Chest. Translated by John Henderson. (75€)

Early Irish Laws and Institutions. Eoin MacNeill. (25€)

Elizabethan Government and Society, Essays Presented to Sir John Neale. S.T. Bindoff, J. Hurstfield, C.H. Williams (editors). 1961. (40€)

Historical Manuscripts. Calendar of the Stuart Papers. Vol. VI. 1916. (40€)

Historical Manuscripts. Calendar of the Stuart Papers. Vol. VII. 1923. (40€)

Historical Manuscripts. Calendar of the Stuart Papers. Vol. I. 1902. (40€)

The Stuart Papers at Windsor. Intro and Notes by Alistair and Henrietta Tayler. 1939 (First Edition). (20€)

Memorials of Charles Armstrong Fox. (Gathered by) Sophia M. Nugent. (60€)

Historical Manuscripts. The Manuscripts of the Earl of Dartmouth. Vol. III. 1896. (18€)

Diary Illustrative of The Times of George IV. Vol. IV.  John Galt (editor). First edition. (50€)

The People of India. Mortimer Menpes. 1910. (60€)

The Matabele Campaign. Maj-Gen. R. S. S. Baden-Powell. 1896. (50€)

Soviet Government Statements on Nazi Atrocities. Hutchinson & Co. Publishers.

The Pentagon’s Nuclear Strategy 1945 – 1974. Nikolai Luzin. 1975. (18€)

The Peacemakers of Niemba. Tom Mc Caughren. 1966. (70€)

The Story of the Guides. Col. G.J. Younghusband. 1908. (70€)

Christian Democracy in Europe Since 1945. Vol. 2. Michael Gehler and Wolfram Kaiser (editors). 2004. (25€)

The Jacobite General. Katherine Tomasson. 1958. (50€)

Princess Louise, Queen Victoria’s Unconventional Daughter. Jehanne Wake. 1988. (30€)

The Emperor and the Irishman, Napoelon and Dr Barry O’Meara on St Helena. Dr Hubert O’Connor. 2008. (25€)

The Cornwallis Correspondence. Vol. II. Charles Ross (Editor). 1859. (30€)

Historical Manuscripts. Calendar of the Stuart Papers. Vol. II. 1904. (40€)

Historical Manuscripts. The Manuscripts of the Earl of Douthmouth. 1887. (25€)

Historical Manuscripts. Calendar of the Stuart Papers. Vol. III. 1907. (40€)


The Holy Grail. Alfred Tennyson. 1870. First Edition. (60€)

Spenser’s Faerie Queene. Edmvnd Spenser. 1850-60. (40€)

The Acute Abdomen in Rhyme. By Zeta. 1947. (300€)

Beauties of Shakespeare. 7th Edition. (140€)

Lyrical Ballads 1798. Harold Littledale, (editor).1911. (50€)

The Trumpet and Other Poems. Edward Thomas. First Edition. (18€)

Sky Ray Lolly. Fiona Pitt-Kethley. 1986. (NO PRIC€)

The Life of Petrarch. Vol. I. 1777. (50€)

The Penny Poets: Some Australian Poets. Alexander Sutherland (editor). (25€)

Poems of Rupert Brooke. Geoffrey Keynes. 1952. Rare in jacket. (30€)

John Skelton: The Complete English Poems. John Scattergood (editor). 1983. (25€)

The Works of Alexander Pope. Vol. II. (30€)

Paradise Lost. A Poem, in Twelve Books. John Milton. 1803. (95€)

Alun Lewis: A Miscellany of his Writings. John Pikoulis (editor). 1982. (50€)

An Enormous Yes in memoriam Philip Larkin (1922-1985). Harry Chambers (editor). 1986. (10€)

Mexico City Blues (242 Choruses). Jack Kerouac. (First Edition, Second Printing). 1959. (30€)

Department Ditties and Other Verses. Rudyard Kipling. Third edition. 1888. (140€)

The Complete Poems of Hugh MacDiarmid 1920-1976. Vol I and Vol. II. Michael Grieve and W.R. Aitken. 1978. (120e for both)

Heart’s Desire. Thomas Wright. First Edition. 1925. (60€)

Italy, A Poem. Samuel Rogers. 1839. (20€)

The It-Doesn’t-Matter Suit. Sylvia Plath. First edition proof copy. 1996. (26€)

The Onion, Memory. Craig Raine. 1978. First edition of his first book. (30€)

A Free Translation. Craig Raine. 1981. (25€)

A Martian Sends a Postcard Home. Craig Raine. 1979. First edition. (30€)

A Selection of Poems. Ezra Pound. First edition. (35€)

Mixed Fruit. Peregrinus.1929. (20€)

Love in a Life. Andrew Motion. 1991. (30€)

Selected Poems 1976-1997. Andrew Motion. 1998. (20€)

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Translated by Edward Fitzgearld.1913. (40€)

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. With Illustrations by Willy Pogany. 1912? (30€)

Collected Poems 1945-1990. R.S. Thomas. 1993. (100€)

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Translated by Edward Fitzgerald. (25€)

The Sonnets of William Shakespeare. No. 143 of 1000 printed. Handmade Riccardi Paper. 1913 Limited edition. (50€)

On the Coast. Poems by Wayne Brown. 1972. Gift from poet. (25€)

Morceaux Choisis. Charles Baudelaire. 1929. (50€)

Spain. W.H. Auden. (20€)

The Collected Poetry of W.H. Auden.1945. First edition, first printing. (30€)

The Beat Hotel. Harold Chapman. 1984. (200€)

The Poetical Works of John Dryden. Charles Cowden Clarke. 1862. Vol. I. and Vol. II. (100e for both)

Doge of Venice: Marino Faliero and the Prophecy of Dante. Lord Byron. 1821. (100€)

A Book of Favourite Modern Ballads. 1860. (20€)

Quantrains of Khalilullah Khalili. 1987. (20€)

Saying Hello at the Station. Selima Hill. 1984. Uncorrected proof of her first book. (40€)

Waxworks. Frieda Hughes. (2002) Dedicated by author (daughter of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes). (45€)

Birthday Letters. Ted Hughes. 1998. Limited edition. No. 69 of three hundred for sale. Signed. (800$)

Dante’s Drum-Kit. Douglas Dunn. 1993. (20€)

The “Bab” Ballads. W.S. Gilbert.1870. (25€)

Poems 1909-1925. T.S. Eliot. (20€)

By Heart. Edited with an introduction by Ted Hughes. Uncorrected proof. 1997. (25€)

Directory 1979. John Cooper Clarke. 1979. His first book. (150€)

Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis. Wendy Cope. 1986. (100€)

The Life of John Clare. Frederick Martin. 1865.First edition. (50€)

Finden’s Illustrations of Byron. W. Brockedon. 1833.Vol. I. and II. and III. (500e for all thre€)

The Dark Crystal: An Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry. (Selected and translated by) Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. Denise Harvey & Company.1981. (25€)

Georgian Poetry 1911-1912. Thirteenth Thousand. The Poetry Bookshop. 1912. (35€)

Original Poems for Infant Minds. George Routledge & Sons. The Motley Press. 1860. (40€)

The Dead Sea Poems. Simon Armitage. Faber and Faber Limited. 1995. Uncorrected Proof. (25€)

The Pursuits of Literature: A Satirical Poem in Dialogue. With Notes. Printed for J. Owen. 1797. Four parts in one. (85€)


The Fowler in Ireland. Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey. Ashford Press Publishing. 1985. (50€)

A History of British Quadrupeds. Thomas Bell. Second edition.  John Van Voorst. 1874. (45€)

Foraging and Farming: The Evolution of Plant Exploitation. D.R. Harris and G.C. Hillman (editors). Unwin Hyman. 1989. (25€)

Kinematograph Year Book 1945. Kinematograph Publications LTD. (50€)

Astronomy: An Introduction to the Universe. Germany, Contmedia GmbH. (50€)

The Permaculture Book of Fermemt & Human Nutrition. Bill Mollison. Australia, Tagari Publications, 1993. (30€)

La Vie dans les Planetes. Edmond Perrier. Paris, Edition De La Revue, 1911. (20€)

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